Six Tasmanian councils are working together to replace over 9,000 street lights in Northern Tasmania. The councils include Launceston, Meander Valley, West Tamar, Northern Midlands, Georgetown, Break O’Day – in partnership with Ironbark Sustainability.

Replacing old, outdated 80 watt street lights with 14 watt low energy Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology will help councils and community realise many benefits, including: 

Six councils are saving energy together by replacing street lights as part of the Northern Lights project

9,100 LED lights will be installed to replace outdated technology

The Northern Lights project will achieve $16 million in combined savings

Energy efficiency will improve by 82%

The reduction in emissions is equivalent to removing 3,440 cars off the road over 20 years

Greenhouse gas will be reduced by 7,850 tonnes

By participating in the Northern Lights programme, councils are working together to save money and energy. Northern Lights is the single largest project councils can participate in to reduce energy usage and costs. The reduction in energy costs can allow councils to direct more resources into other public amenities. Energy efficiency is a key element to reducing greenhouse emissions.


People in the community are encouraged to begin energy efficiency practices within their home – refit lights and other simple measures – as a way to reduce their own living expenses. Read the brochures in Energy Tips to find ways to reduce your energy use.